Grayshott Spa, Surrey

I came across this beautiful looking Spa when I was casually browsing in search of a retreat. Not only is the location picturesque and tranquil in Surrey, but the quality of the services on offer seem absolutely outstanding.

 The treatments on offer are carried out by expert therapists, meaning that alongside traditional massage treatments, they offer more specialised ones like Grayshott Shiatsu and Cranial Osteopathy. On a personal note, these specialised treatments sound perfect for me as I have suffered with chronic pain for many years now and am looking for alternative therapies. A list of their complete treatments can be found on their website here:

Furthermore, not only do they offer Spa treatments, they also have wonderful sports facilities with classes on offer. Personal trainers, tennis instructors, Pilates classes and more are available for customers to enjoy.

Now for those considering staying a couple of days in this beautiful retreat, I’m sure these images of their luxury style  accommodation will sway you. They have many room types available ranging from single to suites, so there are plenty to choose from. How much more relaxed can you be if you’re staying in rooms like these? I just want to dive into that bed!


Now my next mission is to ensure that I save up to treat myself to some post final year exam relaxation in February/March. Their treatments sound amazing.

If like me you have been inspired to take a break and visit Grayshott Spa, then visit their website for lots more information that I haven’t mentioned on here at:

Sweet dreams everyone!

Image credits go to Grayshott Spa.

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