I’m back! – Determined to get this blog working again

Ok, it has been an awfully long time since I’ve updated this blog. A combination of factors, particularly medical ones.

I’m determined to try and work at it though and use it therapeutically. (Or maybe not so depending on my relationship with WordPress).

I’ve decided to branch out and cover many things in this blog as I am a person who generally likes discussing many things. Most notably, there will be a section on ‘health’ as recommended by medical professionals I’m seeing. My mood and chronic pain pretty much dictate my life, therefore I want my blog to be representative of my life and my fluctuating state of mind as part of the whole picture – if that makes sense?

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the theatre and have been going consistently since I was 6 years old (in other words, a long time). So I thought it bizarre that I had never thought to write down my experiences. I’m a little disappointed with myself to be honest. But it doesn’t make sense to comment on them now, when I’ve seen them quite far in the past. Unless I get my memory back and feel I have something worth telling, as I’ve really seen some great shows (many more than once).

I intend to change this though and share everything I’m seeing here, both for my benefit and maybe yours too!

Back in June, I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I’ve decided to start my reviewing from there. I’m just finishing writing it up and I’ll have it posted soon. Then I have The Phantom of the Opera which I saw again last week. Top Hat I’m seeing next week, and then Les Miserables again in September. I had hoped to see A Doll’s House and Sweet Bird of Youth but sadly I doubt I’ll be able to before they close.

So hopefully some terribly good things coming up – If my mood permits. Today has not been a good day. That post will be coming up soon too. Trust me to end on a miserable note. Sorry?


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2 Responses to I’m back! – Determined to get this blog working again

  1. Writing is good for the soul and so is theatre. If you ever get a chance, you should see Peter and the Starcatcher. I’m a professional actor and it is the best piece if theatre I have ever seen.

    • Yes they really are! Hopefully I get round to checking out that show. I’m by no means professionally reviewing (I’ll save that for the critics), but it’s more commenting on my overall theatre experience that night. And any more writings on other things as the inspiration hits me 🙂

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