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Old fashioned lipstick making

Old fashioned lipstick making

Lipsticks and cases move slowly past girl inspectors on long belts to the end of a table where they are boxed for shipment. Imperfect lipsticks and containers are rejected by inspectors, who record them on control sheets.


I think it is absolutely fascinating watching familiar techniques (ie. quality control) being carried out in a different time period. Indeed you can notice the obvious differences in the image, but at the same time it is not too dissimilar to how things are done today.

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Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly at the Oscars – 1956

How could you not help but reminisce over the stunning gowns of the 50s? Here we have two international icons, poised and elegantly waiting in their glamorous attire. How wonderful is it that they are wearing gloves? These photos were … Continue reading

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Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation

This is a realy cool foundation  that I shall definitely be investing in! Coming from a mediterranean background, my face can get quite oily, so the fact that I can use this foundation with the added benefit of it giving … Continue reading

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